Tips on How to Fold and Pack Clothes While Travelling

Tips on How to Fold and Pack Clothes While Travelling

Gathering your stuff and going on a memorable trip with your family is the time when you’ll get to know what true joy is. Getting to explore the world’s most amazing places is still a dream for many people. 

However, there’s a common mistake people make which is not following proper folding instructions for their clothes while packing their bags and if a jar or water bottle suddenly spills, then it can damage your clothes.

In that case, you can opt for the top-quality laundry services in Dubai and get your clothes washed under the care of an experienced team while you’re out there exploring nature.

But if you want to be more productive, then you can follow some tips mentioned below for proper packing instructions:

1.    Roll Your Clothes Instead of Folding

Folding your clothes and putting them directly in your bag can ruin the shape and structure to some extent, instead try rolling your clothes and then place them in your bag. It not only reduces the chances of wrinkles but also gives you more space to include additional items.

But remember that this can only be done for casual dresses like jeans and t-shirts, doing this in formal suites will go wrong.

2.    Pack in Bundles        

If you want your clothes to be safe from wrinkles and be soft throughout your travel, then you must do your packing in bundles instead of separate packing and to keep your bag more smooth, place your formal dresses in the middle.

Then put the rest of your clothes on your suits in a round position which will give it a bundle shape. It’ll keep your formal outfits safe from creases for no matter how long the dress is packed in the suitcase.

3.    Packing Cubes to the Rescue

Adding packing cubes for storing your clothes while travelling is the best way to go as it’ll enhance your packing experience. The interesting thing is that these packing cubes are lightweight which means you can carry them around without facing any problem.

Even so, you can organize it by the fabric type so when you need to take out clothes of a specific fabric, you don’t need to search the entire luggage as the packing cubes will work fine.

4.    KonMari Method

Have you ever heard of a KonMari method for packing your clothes while travelling? It’s a special technique to fold your clothes in a rectangular position, which ultimately gives you comfort for carrying your bag and space for adding more.

So, start by folding your clothes in a rectangular shape and place them in a vertical sequence in your suitcase. It’ll give you a trouble and clutter-free look when you’ll close your bag.

5.    Put Some Versatile Outfits 

There’s another tip which can be useful for you while preparing your suitcase for travel which is to include versatile outfits as much as you can. This way, your suitcase won’t get overloaded and you can wear the same outfit to wear on different occasions.

Moreover, if you’re travelling to a place where the temperature is cold, then you can put on a jacket on the same outfit and give a new look to your appearance.

6.    Opt for Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Outfits with thick fibres can take up a lot of space in your suitcase, you might even end up leaving some. If that’s your case, then getting your hands on vacuum-sealed bags is the only best option available. Well, if you don’t know the process, it’s simple. Put your outfits in the bag, seal it perfectly and then roll the bag to put out all the air.

This way, you can include more clothes in your bag as you’ll get more room in your bag, plus it’ll be so light in weight that you won’t get tired from carrying it continuously.

7.    Pack the Additional Items Smartly 

Another fine tip for packing your bag smartly before travelling is to take the benefit of even the tiniest of space like putting your socks and belts in the shoes. If your suitcase is completely packed, then you can take a small pouch or utilize the pockets of your bag to add more necessary items.

With this strategy, you can take even the smallest item you want or hesitate before that whether it’ll fit in your bag or not.

Before You Go

Packing your bag is no doubt a tough task because you need to look at several factors people think they can carry everything for travel but at the last moment, they put out some of the products because of the lack of space.

In that case, you can follow the most effective tip mentioned above which will help you in carrying more items than you’ve thought like using vacuum-sealed bags, packing in bundles, and rolling your clothes instead of folding them.

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