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In the enchanting world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5e, healing spells play a crucial role in keeping adventurers alive and thriving. Among the diverse array of spells available to clerics, the Prayer of Healing stands out as a powerful and versatile tool for mending wounds and rejuvenating weary souls. With its potent restorative abilities, this spell has become a staple in the repertoire of healers and a lifeline for parties facing perilous challenges.

What is Prayer of Healing?

Prayer of Healing is a divine spell that allows clerics to channel the healing energies of their deity to mend the wounds of multiple creatures simultaneously. With this spell, clerics can restore vitality and vitality to their allies, reinvigorating them for the battles that lie ahead. The Prayer of Healing spell exemplifies the compassionate and nurturing nature of clerics, as they offer solace and respite in the face of danger.

How Does Prayer of Healing Work?

When casting Prayer of Healing, a cleric dedicates 10 minutes to praying, focusing their divine connection to channel healing energies. Through this concentrated effort, the cleric can restore hit points to up to six creatures of their choice within a 30-foot radius. The amount of healing granted depends on the cleric’s level and spellcasting ability, making it a valuable tool that scales with their prowess.

Range and Effects

One of the noteworthy aspects of Prayer of Healing is its range and area of effect. With a generous radius of 30 feet, this spell allows clerics to tend to wounded comrades within a significant distance. This can prove invaluable in chaotic battles or when the party is spread across a vast area, ensuring that no one is left behind in their time of need.

Casting Time and Components

To cast Prayer of Healing, a cleric requires verbal and somatic components, symbolizing their connection to the divine forces. However, unlike many other spells, Prayer of Healing does not require material components, making it more accessible and versatile for clerics who wish to focus their resources on other crucial tasks.

Scaling with Higher Levels

As a cleric’s power and proficiency grow, so does the potency of their Prayer of Healing. At higher levels, clerics gain the ability to enhance the spell’s effects, ensuring that it remains a valuable healing tool throughout their adventuring journey. By expending higher-level spell slots, clerics can maximize their healing potential and offer respite to their allies even in the direst of circumstances.

Synergies and Enhancements

The Prayer of Healing spell is not an isolated ability but can synergize with other spells and features to amplify its effectiveness. For example, a Life Domain cleric’s Disciple of Life feature bolsters the healing granted by Prayer of Healing, ensuring that every creature regains even more hit points. Additionally, magic items, such as a Staff of Healing, can augment a cleric’s healing prowess and provide even greater support to the party.

Alternatives and Considerations

While Prayer of Healing is a remarkable healing spell, there are other options that clerics may consider incorporating into their repertoire. Spells like Healing Word or Cure Wounds provide immediate healing in combat situations, complementing the Prayer of Healing’s more prolonged casting time. By diversifying their healing spells, clerics can adapt to various scenarios and ensure the survival of their party.


  • Q: Can a cleric cast Prayer of Healing as a ritual in 5th edition?
  • A: Unfortunately, Prayer of Healing does not have the ritual tag and cannot be cast as a ritual. Its casting time of 10 minutes is meant to represent the focused prayer required to harness its healing powers.
  • Q: What level is the Prayer of Healing spell in Dungeons and Dragons 5e?
  • A: Prayer of Healing is a 2nd-level spell, available to clerics starting at 3rd level. It remains a valuable healing tool as clerics progress in their adventuring careers.
  • Q: Are there any spells or abilities that synergize well with Prayer of Healing in D&D?
  • A: Yes, several spells and features complement the Prayer of Healing spell. The Life Domain cleric’s Disciple of Life feature and magic items like the Staff of Healing can enhance the healing granted by Prayer of Healing, providing even more substantial support to the party.
  • Q: Can a non-cleric character learn and cast the Prayer of Healing spell in 5e?
  • A: By default, the Prayer of Healing spell is exclusive to the cleric class. However, non-cleric characters may access it through multi-classing or other features that grant spellcasting from the cleric’s spell list.


In the world of D&D 5e, the Prayer of Healing spell stands as a testament to the healing capabilities of clerics. Its versatility, range, and scaling potential make it a valuable tool for any cleric seeking to bolster their party’s survivability and well-being. As adventurers face perilous challenges, the Prayer of Healing acts as a beacon of hope, mending wounds, and reviving spirits. So, embrace the divine powers within and master the art of healing with the Prayer of Healing in Dungeons and Dragons 5e.

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