Common Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Dinner on a Train

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Dinner on a Train

Confirmation is the biggest problem people face when buying train tickets. Often tickets are unconfirmed or you remain on a waiting list. There is no point in waiting at the station only to find out that the train is overbooked and there are no seats. The first thing that comes to my mind is whether I will get my money back and how much time I could have saved if I had known ahead of time. 

To avoid this problem, you should check your PNR status. Indian Railways has established this service to help people check their ticket status online and avoid harassment in future. The easiest way to travel is undoubtedly the train. However, for a carefree and comfortable journey, it is very important to wear the right clothes and take the right luggage. But now you can make breakfast, lunch and Dinner Booking In Train during your journey.

Tips for planning an easy and comfortable dinner on the train

Initially, there were not many options for travelers to order food through IRCTC. When going on a long journey, you had to bring home cooked food to whet your appetite. But transporting food was not a problem for everyone. Because vessels lose their usefulness after traveling for more than 24 hours. The taste of food affects how you order online and eat on the train. 

Restaurant food is much better and fresher than store bought food. However, if you’re hesitant to eat on the train, we’ve rounded up a few things that might convince you to switch to online train dinner reservations. Freshly prepared food in a restaurant. India’s diverse cuisine includes not only the north and south but also those of Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, Andhra, Mughlai, Kashmir, Goan and other regions.

What Should I Eat on the train?

There are many factors to consider when Dinner Booking In Train. If you have an upset stomach after eating spicy foods, it is best to eat as light a meal as possible, and especially to avoid salty or spicy foods. To avoid frequent food cravings, make sure your meals are filling enough. If you get sick while traveling, it is very difficult to recover, so you need to maintain a balanced diet.

Classic Vegetarian Thali

Avoid eating meat while traveling. Digestion takes longer and may cause minor problems. If you want a light meal, opt for a traditional vegetarian thali. This thalis is perfect for lunch or dinner as it is filling. It is served with rice, roti, dal, sabzi and sometimes even papad. You can also choose from fresh salads. These thalis usually provide enough food for one person, if you are traveling with kids, half a thali is enough.


If you love parathas and want to know what breakfast is like, try parathas with achar or curd. Opting for fresh aloo paratha would be the best course of action. Paratha makes you feel full before lunch while curd helps in digestion and cools the body. This dish is amazing and was specially made for breakfast on the train. You can opt for this appetizer instead of the omelet and bread usually served on the train.

Choose Dosa or Idli

If you are looking for something simple for breakfast or light dinner, dosa or idlis are the best options. Idlis can be eaten cold, but if the dosa is not hot for a while, it can become difficult to eat. When traveling by train, you can order multiple items to accompany your pet group.

Dinner on the train with Online Zoop E-catering Service

In its most innovative move, IRCTC has launched e-catering services. IRCTC has partnered with Zoop Stores to reduce food spoilage or shelf life in trains. Even in the middle of the night, you can easily make Dinner Booking In Train through Zoop service. This will help calm your midnight cravings.

First, order dinner from an independent food delivery service through their website or app. Our delivery staff will bring your freshly prepared, pre-ordered meal to your seat. You don’t have to worry about food quality as only FSSAI approval restaurants are under delivery through the Zoop Stores app. They have a longer and more reliable food delivery and distribution network across the country. In this case, Zoop is an excellent meal replacement. In addition, a variety of food and Jain Food in Train options are available during evening hours, including the zoo’s electronic meals.

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